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  • We are a modern edgy winery. We have wonderful views of rolling hills, vineyards and a lake. Many enjoy our large seating inside (NON- Saturdays) for 30 and outside on the gorgeous deck and patios for 100 plus. Our friendly staff is here to help prepare the best wine tasting experience for you, with wonderful estate grown wines that are sure to put the areas best foot forward. We strive to deliver an exceptional tasting experience!

    South Haven is a tasting room with bar space to sample and buy some to go. Our permit does not allow wine by the glass or bottles to be consumed on premises.

  • If you are looking for a quiet afternoon with intimate conversation and one-on-one assistance with our knowledgeable Tasting Room Consultants, then we recommend anytime Monday-Thursday. However, if you are looking for a lot of interaction with other visitors and a more festive atmosphere, we recommend visiting on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. For groups of 15 or less come during open hours. We do not have a specific spot for you but will try to get you in as space allows. We do no take group of 16 or more.

  • That is originally how they made wine, through a Gravity Flow system. Starting at the top of a hill and each step of the process moves by Gravity to the next step in the process.

  • Baroda & South Haven Locations-Our tastings are 6 samples of wine and a souvenir glass for $16. With any purchase of 4 or more bottles, we refund your tasting fee and you get a free glass of wine!

  • We prefer everyone to have their ID out and ready for us to check. By law, we may refuse service to anyone without ID.

  • We are always open to great energetic people who are willing to learn about wine and work weekends. Please submit a one page resume to [email protected] for Baroda location

  • You guessed it…the best wine we make is the wine you like best!

  • We are glad you want to spend your day with us! We want to give you the best service possible, so for groups of 8-15 you may come at anytime but know it is highly likely you might have to split up at the bar to get faster service and possibly sit separately on the deck as well (we do not have lots of group seating). Specifically groups of 16 or more we just cannot take. We do not have the space and cannot give good service. There are other wineries that have specific group areas and can accommodate you better.

  • Upon entering you will head to the bar and a consultant will tell you about our wines, glasses and cider options. A tasting is 6 samples of wine/cider/bubbly of your choice. All of this is served at the bar so you may enjoy your wines thoroughly with information from your consultant. If time allows grab a glass and sit out on our large deck to take in the beautiful scenery and ambiance of wine country.

  • Baroda-We do sell meat, cheese, crackers, chips, hummus and chocolate. All that to say we are definitely all about the wine! So come sip, savor and take home your favorites to enjoy with friends and family at your table! We ask that you do not bring in other food or beverages.

  • Baroda-Outside food is not permitted. We’re sorry, but at this time we do not provide facilities, glassware and clean-up for guests to picnic at our winery. There are a number of nearby parks and beaches to enjoy this activity.

    South Haven-We know you are coming from the beach and might have other items…just no other alcohol.

  • No. We are all about you experiencing wine country and relaxation.

  • Tasting room sales: With any purchase of 4 or more bottles the tasting fee will be refunded and you receive a free glass of wine! 50% off any 12 bottles.
    Online sales: free shipping on any purchase of 6 bottles or more.
    10% Off Bottle Purchases for Vintage Michigan card holders
    *Offers may not be combined*

  • No.

  • We would love for you to follow us on Facebook/Instagram. That is where we keep everyone up to date with the happenings at Gravity. You also will see lots of photos!

  • Baroda-We have live music Sundays from 2-5pm, May 27th-September 30th. We have snacks available if you need a tad to taste while sipping away.

    South Haven-no music

  • Well behaved kids are always welcome on the grounds but need to be closely attended to by parents at all times (or we will give them espresso and a puppy). We do not have a playground or offer activities for children, so please consider bringing quiet activities to keep them entertained. Children are allowed in the winery. Anyone under the age of 21 cannot drink, even with a parent’s consent.

  • No pets are allowed.

  • Yes. We have handicapped spaces available in our upper and lower parking lot past the patio. We suggest, however, that anyone needing assistance be dropped off near the front door for least amount of distance to travel. Our main tasting room also has a handicapped accessible restrooms and there are many low tables outside (communicate to a server and we would be happy to bring one in).

  • ABSOLUTELY NOT! Outside alcohol is strictly prohibited by the Michigan Liquor Control anywhere on Gravity property. This activity could jeopardize our license. Any outside alcohol that is brought onto the property will be confiscated, or you will be asked to leave immediately.

  • No we do not do weddings.

  • Yes, we currently ship to: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Florida. Free shipping on any order of 6 bottles or more!

  • The best place to purchase our wines and ciders is in one of our tasting rooms. We also ship to select states.
    Our R.A.D products are available in select SW Michigan stores.
    We also have a "R.A.D Winery & Cidery" tasting room in Miromar Outlets of Estero, FL

  • Yes. Sulfites are a natural by‐product of the fermentation process. Otherwise known as sulfur dioxide, it is a compound that is naturally produced in winemaking and is found in virtually every wine. Our winemaker may add very small amounts of additional sulfites to the wine since it does alot to protect the wine. It inhibits unwanted bacteria and yeast growth. It is also an antioxidant, which keeps the wine fresh. Sulfites slow the oxidation process, helping preserve the wine’s flavor as it ages. All wines made from fruit (including grapes) naturally contain sulfites. Only meads – wines made from honey – are sulfite-free.

    The TTB, Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (formerly the BATF, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms), requires that no more than 300 ppm (parts per million) or 0.03% of sulfites, be added to wines. Our generally contain about 30 ppm, or 10% of the legal limit.

  • Gravity is a family-owned business. We can only accommodate a certain number of the many donation requests we receive weekly. Each year’s harvest varies according to weather and economic situations. When we are able to, we focus on supporting local community nonprofit organizations. If looking for a donation, please send a request on your organization’s letterhead to [email protected]. Please note that a majority of our donations go to people we have a relationship with or feel God has called us to after much prayer and consideration.

  • We currently do not sell gift certificates.

  • No

  • Our Winery consists of a lot of seating area but we do have some soft shirts, cozy sweatshirts, beach bags, hats, mugs, logo glasses and key chains for sale.

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live music Sunday's 2-5 during the summer

Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Florida