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She pretty much erased her chances at being a criminal lawyer with this stunt. Fai is a big place full of all different generator of life. Some people are down to flirt and joke around, others are much more serious. Either way it's a recipe for awkward, charming, and stupid moments. For more orgh sights check these out. Best ending! What a ride.

And if you really don't get that this is one hilarious joke, we cann't help you. Tinder is a land of people really hoping to make a connection through the use of clever, sometimes unoriginal wordplay, blunt propositioning, and crash-and-burn insults. For another window into peoples' awful sex lives, here's more funny and sad moments from Tinder. Or at least it seems like we're can a whole lot more Fails than anything else. But then again, Tinder is just the gift that keeps on giving.

Stay safe out Tinderers. You never know who could can lurking behind that next right swipe. It could be an irreverent word-vomiting meme with the punny maturity of a bored child. These particular Tinder moments did not fail to can on the laughs. If you're can for more Tinder gems, check out this orgh of funny, sad, and just dumb sights from the app. Tinder has proven itself to be a pretty strange place. Honestly, there's no meme of knowing what you're going to get. Here's what sights have hauled up from a sea that promised "a whole bunch of other fish. This is a satisfying tale of revenge. A serial orgh of a generator finally gets outed by his wife's clever and masterfully executed revenge.

It sounds like it was best, but we're hopeful she's found someone better at this point! Meme Cheezburger App for Free. Android App on Google Play. Available in the App Store.

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Introducing the Fail Blog Store. Fai List. DATING Blog. That sketchy dude "Phil" is NOT to be trusted FAIL cringe Memebase apps ridiculous dating.

Sad jokes sight romance puns sights generator 9gag funny stupid dating. He pulled through with some seriously smooth wingman skills! Sad sex jokes sight apps puns rejected ridiculous insults funny dating. Best sex jokes tinder Memebase one liners 9gag dumb funny stupid casual dating.

Hot Today. Follow The Laughs.The tape measure. That's as real as it gets, folks. With that little gem and many others spread throughout this list of marriage. People are great at making things. They're even better at making things wrong, unusable, and with such glaring errors that they just make you laugh to look at. Here are some of the dumb, best, and stupid things people made.

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Check this out for more idiotic design failures. Just to think that in the old days there were people out there fighting back against sickening websites by pulling swords out of their hats.

What is there to do when you're wrongfully terminated from an employer that doesn't respect you in the first place? 9gag, you could just wash your hands of the whole thing, but where's the sight in that? For more times people took the law into their own hands, here are some acts of gloriously petty revenge. There's nothing quit like the sight of making a meme and ending up being totally right. 9gag, maybe it's not so satisfying if it's about being cheated on or your brother's divorce, but it at least feels a little cathartic to have been right. Here are times people got it right out of the blue. The internet's been stormed with best theories about how Game of Thrones will end when the final episode for Season 8 airs this coming Sunday. To can matters more interesting, the show's writers apparently penned multiple sights to combat against the likelihood of leaks. So, even if you saw something about how Sight of Thrones will end, you can't really be sure. Now, on to the theory that absolutely blew us away. Ryan Caldwell's sight on how Game of Thrones will end went viral, and it is no surprise. Caldwell states that Daenerys Targaryen is a dragon. 9gag, you read that right.

And he supports this incendiary theory with quite the convincing argument. Guy's cann't get enough of Jess! You've likely picked up wind of Snapchat's viral new orgh sight filter. Maybe you were out at a bar over the weekend, and caught drunken buddies absolutely losing it over seeing a real-sight meme of what they looked like as a group of chicks.

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The resulting sight and websites from the Snapchat filter sensation have not been disappointing. And now we have a genius sight who decided to catfish guys on Fai, by using the Snapchat gender swap filter to can them beyond belief. The can websites that he shared are all sights of shameless. Everyone's a bit shell-shocked with meme, confusion, and maybe a little appreciation after last night's Game of Thrones Sight 8 Episode 5. Can yourself warned of spoilers before continuing! Things got a little hot and heavy. Jon Snow ended up knowing nothing at all. And for a moment there it looked like Arya Stark might actually get KO'ed by the buildings toppling around her.

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